History Club

Hello everyone!

I am sorry for the delay, there has been many roadblocks on the path to creating this club, but we are prevailing and will push on! I also did not want to bother any of you during midterms, so I hope you all did amazing and are wrapping up with them!
I would normally like to give at least a week in advance heads up concerning a meeting, but this last week has been a bit out of the ordinary, so our next meeting will be this Thursday, October 25th at 5PM!, The room is still TBA, so check your emails!!! Bring your friends who may be interested, or just bring(force) them along anyway! This club is most likely not what you think it may be, and by that I mean boring! So come check it out yourself and you be the judge! We have a lot to talk about and still want to hear more of your wonderful ideas for the club! Hope to see y'all there!

UNR History Club
Hello GivePulse Members!
It seems as though a number of your guys emails are not on our Histroy Club email list, so if you would like to be put on that please reply to this message, email us at historyclubatunr@gmail.com, or disregard if you know you are already on the email list.

Thank you!
UNR History Club