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Gloria Alsobrook
Tayloure Baker
Zita Payne-Gomez
Samoura Horsley
Cecilia Zecena
Samoura Horsley
Samoura Horsley
Samoura Horsley
Jonathan Corona-Rubio
Daniel Armenta Aguirre
Oscar Carvajal
Baltazar Pulido-Bautista

Volunteering at the Reno Powowow not only allowed me to give back to the local community, it also opened my eyes to the Native-American culture that we have here in Reno. Watching the traditional dances being performed by people of all ages was really special. Being able to learn more about this culture was the real reward of this event for me.

Gave 4.00 hours on 05/07/2017 with University of Nevada, Reno
Ryan Kim