UNR Volunteer Club


The UNR Volunteer Club has a mission of making more easy and more fun than ever to volunteer within the community. We focus on offering volunteering opportunities that are not only beneficial to the community but also fun and sociable for the volunteers. By focusing on making volunteering a socially-focused thing, we reach an audience of volunteers that otherwise may not have volunteered. We take pride in the fact that prior to joining the club more than 85% of our members had less than 20 hours of volunteer experience. 


So far we have worked with Boys and Girls Club, Northern Nevada SPCA, and Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful. If you feel particularly strongly about one cause or organization this is a great way to help that cause, any club member can organize an event and ask for fellow club members to help them, volunteer. The club focuses on making a socially friendly group of individuals that all help each other help the community. 

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