Truckee Meadows Healthy Communities



Truckee Meadows Healthy Communities is a collaborative of thought leaders and influencers who seek to make an impact on the health of their community. 
The collaborative seeks to build a model where all community members strive toward a culture of health in the Truckee Meadows. This model will include the intersection of the health, education and community development sectors in our region. Truckee Meadows Healthy Communities seeks to create a healthier community through a collective impact project.  

Developing a culture of health in the Truckee Meadows will take action from many facets in the community and we seek to build partnerships that will help us reach this goal. 

As a community stakeholder, you play a critical role in enhancing the Truckee Meadows and ensuring our community develops successfully.

By joining together we can create small achievements that will help us reach our larger goal of developing a culture of health in the Truckee Meadows. Cultivating the successes we have seen and building new ones will strengthen our ability to address community needs.

6 People | 3 Impacts | 12 Hours

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