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Data Science/AI Club


A social club for data nerds!
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Hey Folks,

We're set for 4 - 5 pm in one of the De la mare group study rooms, barring a last minute change. Hope y'all can stop by, even if only for half an hour.

Should I arrange for some snacks?
After 3pm on the 5th sounds good to me!
Later is better on saturdays!
I can also do anytime on the 5th/6th after 3pm.
I can do anytime the 5th or 6th, then after 3pm on the 4th.
Hello everyone! The semester is coming to a close in a few weeks; we're planning to have a member meeting next weekend so everyone can get together, network, share their specific interests, chat about data science issues / areas / current events, and discuss what we want out of the club starting next year.

Right now we are thinking of a brief window mid-morning Saturday the 5th, but nothing is nailed down yet, so please speak up with what days / times you can afford a half hour or so.

See you soon fellow Data Nerds!