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Hey everyone, hope you all had a great break! We're getting things going for this semester and before we schedule our first meeting please make sure to vote for future meeting and event times with this poll: https://www.when2meet.com/?10505158-4tGHf

Stay tuned for more information about our first meeting that we'll send out once we see what times are best for everyone.

See you all soon :)
Hey everyone!

Meetings are over for this semester, but we've got a lot to get excited about for next semester! We'll be having some charity events and begin growing our crops starting in January so stay tuned for more specific info as that comes up.

Here are links to notes from some of our meetings this semester taken by our club Secretary, Miranda :

Also, heres a link to put in our availability for meetings for next semester: https://www.when2meet.com/?10505158-4tGHf

We hope to see everyone soon at the start of next semester! Have a great break and stay safe :)
Hello everyone! Just a reminder we'll be having another weekly meeting this Wednesday, December 2nd at 5:30 pm! We'll be having a discussion about the importance of community gardening with Katie Colling, one of the founders of another local community garden, Katharina's Garden! Hope to see you all there :)
Thank you to everyone who came to tonight's meeting, and if you couldn't make it, here are some great meeting notes Miranda took :) https://docs.google.com/document/d/12vzsQS0sZda7jQLewVZ-Mu-0qwyPgA5ntBNRt8c2cvA/edit?usp=sharing

Also, be sure to follow our club social media pages and share them around if you can! We'll post meeting updates and fun content there, especially during our growing and harvesting seasons



Hope to see you all at our next meeting!
Just a reminder we have our second weekly meeting tonight at 5:30 pm! The agenda has changed so this meeting I’ll give you guys a tour of dfi and the sites and we’ll also talk about updates from our meeting with dfi. Next week we’ll be talking about the importance of local food systems and community gardening and hopefully we’ll have some folks from other community gardens join us!
The link to the notes I posted earlier had restricted access, but this one should be public! https://docs.google.com/document/d/14IJWw3xUuGXTbAbcDSumgWSppLo6ftvLCHV05pnpihs/edit?usp=sharing
Hey everyone! Thanks for everyone who came to meet with DFI with us, and if you couldn't make it, no worries! Be sure to check this awesome note sheet Miranda made for the meeting with details about what we went over today! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1644uK0cNf9uIH4gOzxYspnDZ4Xwzz0x3HZ9iHBhrOiw/edit?usp=sharing

One of the main things we discussed with DFI is that we have space for more crops, so we'll be able to add to our list at our next meeting which is this Wednesday, November 18th at 5:30 pm. Hope to see you all there!
Hey everyone! Sorry for the late notice but we’re going to be meeting with our friends at DFI this coming Monday, November 16th. Now that we’ve gotten some crops picked out, we’ll start collaborating on some more in-depth plans for our upcoming growing season! If you can’t make it to this meeting or other upcoming meetings, don’t worry! We’ll be recording/taking notes at meetings in the future and making them available on our pages for anyone who couldn’t make it to be able to catch up. Once we start planting next semester, there will also be many more opportunities to get involved on a flexible schedule to care for the garden. Have a great weekend and hope to see y’all at the upcoming meetings!
same spot for indoor garden kit pickup today! this time i'll be there from 4-5 pm though. we still have so many kits so please come get some for you and your friends/family !
i had to move my car so i’m parked on the street in front of the knudsen resource center near the bus stop!