Model United Nations Club at the University of Nevada, Reno


Hello! Welcome to the Model United Nations Club at the University of Nevada, Reno! We welcome all to join!

The missions of this club shall be:
 To prepare for and participate in the Model United Nations of the Far West (MUNFW) and the
Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN) conferences each year.
 To strengthen leadership, negotiating, and communication skills among its participating
 Provide a setting in which students can become exposed to and pursue an interest in
international affairs.
 To promote an increased understanding of multilateral diplomacy through an understanding of
the principles and procedures by which international relations are maintained.
 To foster an environment of heightened awareness and appreciation of cultures, peoples, and
politics of the world’s nations.

If you would like to become involved with our club contact us today! You can do so through give pulse or by emailing
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