Nu Rho Psi


The National Honor Society for Neuroscience majors and minors at the University of Nevada, Reno. Nu Rho Psi is the only nationally-recognized honor society in the area of brain research. The study of the brain is one of the noblest of academic pursuits because a deep and true understanding of the principles by which the brain works contributes directly to the quality of our lives and the well-being of future generations. 

The purpose of Nu Rho Psi is to:

  • encourage professional interest and excellence in scholarship, particularly in neuroscience
  • award recognition to students who have achieved such excellence in scholarship
  • advance the discipline of neuroscience; encourage intellectual and social interaction between students, faculty, and professionals in neuroscience and related fields
  • promote career development in neuroscience and related fields
  • increase public awareness of neuroscience and its benefits for the individual and society
  • encourage service to the community
Sustainable Development Goals
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