You're Somebody's Type, Blood Drive!

Friday, February 15th, 2019 from 11:00am to 4:00pm


Two Locations:

Gateway Plaza (In Front of the Joe) (11am-4pm)
Inside the Joe on the 4th Floor inside the Great Room(11am-2:30pm)

Donate blood at the Joe to help someone in need. You can decorate your own sugar cookie after you donate, get a free t-shirt, and you'll be entered in a chance to win wolf Pack gear!
Sign up for a shift to get an hour added to your GivePulse hours!
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Registration Closes
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Shifts (20)

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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeDescriptionRegistrants Needed
11:00am11:00am (PT)11:15am (PT)Morning Shift6/6Over
11:15am11:15am (PT)11:30am (PT)Morning Shift2/5Over
11:30am11:30am (PT)11:45am (PT)Morning Shift2/5Over
11:45am11:45am (PT)12:00pm (PT)Morning Shift2/4Over
Noon12:00pm (PT)12:15pm (PT)Mid day Shift3/4Over
Noon12:15pm (PT)12:30pm (PT)Mid day Shift2/4Over
Noon12:30pm (PT)12:45pm (PT)Mid day Shift0/4Over
Noon12:45pm (PT)1:00pm (PT)Mid day shift0/3Over
1:001:00pm (PT)1:15pm (PT)Afternoon Shift2/4Over
1:151:15pm (PT)1:30pm (PT)Afternoon Shift2/4Over
1:301:30pm (PT)1:45pm (PT)Afternoon Shift2/5Over
1:451:45pm (PT)2:00pm (PT)Afternoon Shift1/4Over
2:002:00pm (PT)2:15pm (PT)Afternoon Shift22/6Over
2:152:15pm (PT)2:30pm (PT)Afternoon Shift21/4Over
2:302:30pm (PT)2:45pm (PT)Afternoon Shift20/2Over
2:452:45pm (PT)3:00pm (PT)Afternoon Shift20/2Over
3:003:00pm (PT)3:15pm (PT)Evening Shift2/3Over
3:153:15pm (PT)3:30pm (PT)Evening Shift1/2Over
3:303:30pm (PT)3:45pm (PT)Evening Shift0/2Over
3:453:45pm (PT)4:00pm (PT)Evening Shift1/2Over